Roll of ricotta and pistachios




Ingredients for 2 rotoloni

For the dough: 5 eggs, 125 grams of sugar, 35 grams of honey, 150 grams of flour 00

For the filling: ricotta, sugar, chopped pistachios

Fitted with the whisk 2 egg whites separately, then assemble honey, sugar and egg, add the flour and egg whites and mix well. Overlap in the pan with parchment paper and pour a thin layer of the mixture and bake for 5-10 minuti. Far brown slightly, the layer must remain soft.

For the filling: ricotta should be like a cream and topped with sugar (eg, 500 g cheese 125 grams of sugar a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla)

Mix well and add the chopped pistachios to taste and a few drops of chocolate. When the base of the rotunda is cold, place the sauce with ricotta cheese and roll up, spread it all out again with ricotta cheese that needs to be seasoned only with sugar, cinnamon and vaniglia. At the end cover with chopped pistachio.

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