Our Company

We are an agricultural company that has been dealing with pistachio production for several generations.
Ours is a farm that has made “green diamond Etna” its raison d’etre. With the commitment and dedication that characterize decades our family, we grow and disclose in the world is a natural product of high quality.

Our production takes place in the district “Mazzappello Malaga” (entry of foreign origin that shows the presence of Arab culture in Sicily. Precisely Arabs in fact, introduced the cultivation of pistachio in our area, that the particular characteristics of the lava ground, well lent itself to the cultivation of this fruit).

The harvest is done manually because the lava terrain, particularly steep and uneven, does not allow the use of mechanical means. The next stage consists in removing the husk to the collection, for which there is need of special machines that allow you to remove the outer peel of pistachio. Then it is necessary to carry out the drying process that takes place in a natural way, namely through exposure of the fruit to the sun’s heat on special “stindituri”, or large open spaces that allow concrete within a few days of drying the product in the most appropriate manner.


It represents the main economic resource of the territory of Bronte.
The pistachio town of Etna, is unique and unmistakable, he is recognized by the shape, color, taste, that almost the whole world knows and appreciates it. The pistachio in fact, for its organoleptic properties, is suitable for various uses: the most renowned gourmet offering tasty first, second and delicious mouth-watering desserts that will delight the palate and the eyes.
Not to mention the many energy and antioxidant properties of pistachio, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and brings a considerable amount of vitamins and iron.

Our company has always been engaged in the manufacturing of pistachio, we therefore propose to make known to the whole world, from the producer to the consumer (ie without the multiple and often artificial steps in the production chain) a high quality product, guaranteeing the authenticity of the and the result of machining processes, and delivered into the hands of the customer as a good healthy and valuable.

Main phenological stages of the product

The harvest

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